Ottawa Home Insurance – A Comprehensive Review

….services are provided by a number of insurance companies . These companies are not necessarily focused on a specific home insurance package only but rather disperse their operational concentration along the entire state of California. Amongst all the firms, the most well known are the following ones:

  • JPL Insurance Services
  • Ives Insurance Fifth Avenue Insurance
  • Windfall Insurance Services Inc
  • BH Gold Insurance Agency
  • State Farm Insurance-Todd DeRenzis Agency
  • Merold & Nyberg
  • Friars Village Clubhouse Association
  • Horton Insurance
  • Every Day Insurance Services, Inc.

These companies satisfy all sorts of requirements. Their target clients include home owners, condo and cooperative owners, renters etc. Most of these companies are independent or subsidiaries of American companies. Home insurances are provided for a lot of purposes. The area of operation is also quite huge. These companies cover Escondido, Encinitas, Rancho Bernardo, Del Mar, Santee, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Vista, Ramona, Solana Beach, National City, Chula Vista, San Marcos, Carlsbad, Poway, La Mesa, and all surrounding areas.

Ottawa is an area plagued by a lot of fire. This area has been under fire for many times. This would not be a problem for the homeowners if they got their insurance payments back in time. But the problem is that many companies have previously made a lot of money in this area in premiums and then cooked up stupid reasons to not pay up the insurance claims. To these companies the customers are nothing but actuarial tables.

This gave a lot of trouble to the people in Ottawa. After all, when they paid for the insurance premium, they were expecting that the Ottawa home insurance companies would pay the claims. While these companies collected a lot of money in premiums, they were nowhere to be seen when the time cam to pay up the people. Now when people go to take a home insurance, they are actually afraid if they are doing the right thing. They do not know whether these companies will actually stay or leave them in danger when there is a problem with the home. But still they have to take insurance. So they take insurance with a glimmer of hope that these companies would come to their aid as they fall in trouble. The people of Ottawa are actually keeping their eyes open for any company that actually lives up to its promise and does not flee through the back door when its services are needed the most.

The problem is that most of the companies live within such legal frameworks that it becomes impossible to catch them. They always use the law to end up safe without paying any fines or claims. But hopefully the situation will improve and companies that operate in that area now become more responsible for their actions. Ottawa is now a much less riskier country and thus deserves more. Also, insurance is done to reduce risks. But the activities of these companies have suggested otherwise. So its important that thse companies learn their mistakes and rectify their actions.